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RunBuggy’s software platform provides you with compliant, secure and scalable transportation management capabilities that seamlessly integrate into your existing systems. Trusted by some of the largest OEMs and dealership groups, RunBuggy’s AI-powered software solution enables you to streamline shipping any vehicle, in any condition, to any address.

RunBuggy Transportation Management Solutions


Access more than 17,000 verified drivers in our open transportation network, so you can ship any vehicle to and from any address nationwide. No software to install. No monthly fees. One touch car transportation solution.


Secure, scalable transportation management software platform that seamlessly integrates into your existing systems giving you centralized vendor management and payment processing.

Why RunBuggy

Trusted TMS

The largest OEMs and dealership groups trust RunBuggy’s software to run their transportation operations.


RunBuggy has been recognized 2 years in a row by CSO 50 for Innovation in A.I. and cybersecurity.


RunBuggy’s technology has passed the SOC 2 audit and is compliant with the latest FTC Safeguards Rules.


Regardless of the number, condition, or location of the vehicles, RunBuggy can handle any scale requirement.


Unlock the future of automotive shipping with RunBuggy RunBot generative A.I. technology. RunBot is fully integrated with RunBuggy’s cutting-edge transportation management platform. Together, they streamline the automotive shipping process, transforming logistics into a finely tuned orchestration. Every step, from stakeholder coordination to on-time delivery, is meticulously managed, ensuring a seamless shipping journey.
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To learn more about how RunBuggy can help streamline and centralize your automotive logistics operation, contact our team today. We can schedule a personalized demo for you and your team as well as answer questions about pricing, timing, and implementation. It will be time well invested.