Runbuggy’s easy to use app partnered with Auto Use floorplan makes buying from anywhere in the country as easy as possible…

Buy from anywhere

 Buy online at any of the major online auctions or from any auction in the country on simulcast and easily get those units back to your lot.

Finance Transportation

Fund your transportation costs with your Auto Use floorplan credit line to keep your out of pocket expense to an absolute minimum. Maximize cash flow and ease of doing business.

We’re so excited about this partnership, we’re offering these discounts for a limited time

25% Off Your First 3 Transport Orders​

Just place your first 3 transportation orders from your RunBuggy Account with Auto Use as the payment company & let us do the rest.

Note: The discount will be applied AFTER the order is placed.

$60 for 60 Days Floorplan Promo​

From Monday August 16th to Friday September 3rd 2021,
enjoy $60 floorplan fee for the first 60 days when an Auto Use floorplan unit is also transported with RunBuggy and financed with your floorplan credit line.

Each Sign up and order will enter you for a drawing for a $250.00 gift card.

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