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RUNBUGGY + AUTOIMS LIVE NOW. Ship cars faster and easier than ever before.
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Nationwide Coverage

RunBuggy gives you access to a nationwide network of verified car transporters – all through your existing AutoIMS account. We ship cars to and from auctions, dealerships and home addresses throughout the United States.

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All Your Orders. One System.

Everything you need to do to ship a car is already connected to the AutoIMS system you’re used to today. You don’t need to another login or have to remember another app – its all in AutoIMS.

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See More. Know More. Do More.

With RunBuggy you’re always in the know. Gain unprecedented visibility into your car transportation operations with our enhanced, enterprise-grade analytics and reporting capabilities so you can reduce transportation cost and delivery times while providing your customers with a better overall car buying experience.

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BYOT (Bring Your Own Transporter)

Already have a preferred transporter? Great! You can still use RunBuggy to move your cars. It will just be a lot easier and faster – plus your transporter will be better able to manage their orders.

If you don’t have a preferred transporter – that OK. With RunBuggy you have access to thousands of verified transporters across the U.S. who are ready to take your cars anywhere they need to go.

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A Picture is Worth…

RunBuggy requires detailed pictures be taken from multiple angles at pick-up and drop-off so you can see your car before its picked up and after its been dropped off. And because everything is easily accessible in the RunBuggy app, you’ll be able to see your car from your phone. Now what’s that worth?

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Talk or Text

RunBuggy puts you and the transporter in direct contact. No more middlemen, leaving voicemails or waiting for the dispatcher to call you back. You can talk or text directly with the transporter right within the app.

With RunBuggy You Get

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Latest Technology to handle transportation orders

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Touchless Transaction – no more paperwork or checks

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Total Transparency –  from pricing to real-time vehicle tracking

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Transporters Everywhere to pick-up and drop-off anywhere

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Concierge Service available day and night to make sure your transportation orders get delivered without a hitch

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