How does RunBuggy work?

It’s easy. First, sign-up and create an account, which should only take a few minutes.

Once you’ve got an account, you can create an instant quote for the car or cars you want to move.  The price you see is the price you’ll pay – there’s no negotiating and you can rest assured the price you see is based on the latest market conditions.

If the price looks good, you can place your order. Once your order is placed, RunBuggy’s network of trusted transporters will be able to see and claim your order.

After the order has been claimed, you and the transporter can talk or text directly. Any paperwork needed, such as a gate pass, can be uploaded into RunBuggy for the transporter to see.

The transporter will pick-up your car(s), take a minimum of 5 pictures, and drive it to its destination. You can track your order en route in real-time. At drop-off, the transporter is required to take additional pictures and provide the BOL, which can be signed digitally within the RunBuggy app.

After the car has been delivered, the transporter is paid electronically – no need to chase your accounts payable team for a check.

Is RunBuggy a brokerage?

Nope. RunBuggy is not a broker or a load board. We’re an open marketplace for car shippers and haulers to connect. We’ve got thousands of car transporters nationwide that are available to help you move cars to and from anywhere in the continental U.S. 24/7.

How much does RunBuggy cost?

RunBuggy is free to use. There is no monthly fee, no subscription fee, and no license fees. The price you see to ship a car is the price you pay. There are no “gotcha” fees after you place an order or have your car delivered.

And because we are 100% digital, we are able to pay the transporters more for each haul. This makes them happy, and happy transporters like claiming orders on RunBuggy, which means your cars move faster.

Nationwide Coverage

RunBuggy lets you tap into the largest open marketplace of trusted transporters so you can buy and ship cars anywhere in the U.S.

RunBuggy ships cars nationwide

I buy and move a lot of cars. With RunBuggy, I have peace of mind and trust that things are running as they should. I’m now able to buy in more markets and don’t have to worry about drivers being selective with claiming certain loads. RunBuggy makes billing simple. Gone are the days of chasing down invoices. Everything is right there in the app, which makes it much easier for our office staff to reconcile. With RunBuggy, it’s all good.

RunBuggy helps Longo Toyota ship cars
– John Ellingwood, Used Car Buyer
RunBuggy tracks your car shipment in real-time

Long Haul to Last Mile
From singles to home delivery, RunBuggy has you covered. We’ve moved hundreds of thousands of cars across town and cross country.

RunBuggy's car shipping app is 100% digital

High Tech + High Touch
RunBuggy provides self-serve car transportation technology backed by a dedicated account management team for when you need a helping hand.

RunBuggy support is available night and day

Move Cars Anytime. From Any Device.
Ship a car 24/7. RunBuggy lets you quote, order and track car transportation anytime, day or night, from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

RunBuggy does not charge a monthly fees

No Fees. Ever.
RunBuggy does not charge a one-time, monthly recurring or subscription fee – ever. We’re not a load board or a broker – we’re just a better way to move cars.

You get instant upfront car shipping pricing with RunBuggy

Instant, Upfront Pricing. Guaranteed.
Know before you ship. The price you see is the price you pay. And with our dynamic, market-based pricing algorithms, you’re guaranteed to get the best price-always.

You can talk or text directly in the RunBuggy app

Text and Track.
Stop waiting for a call-back and eliminate time consuming email threads. Connect directly with the transporter within the app and track their exact location in real-time.

RunBuggy for car shippers

RunBuggy helps new and used independent and franchise dealerships take advantage of new opportunities to buy and sell cars across the U.S.

RunBuggy helps auto auctions move cars

Whether you operate an online simulcast or run cars through physical lanes, RunBuggy can help you move cars to and from your auction.

RuinBuggy helps car shippers move thousand of cars
Captives and Banks

From lease returns to home delivery, RunBuggy has the transporters, technology and team to help you move cars anywhere they need to go.

RunBuggy for car shippers
Subscription Services

Your customers expect a seamless experience from finding to reserving to paying for their car. RunBuggy helps extend that experience to car shipping.

RunBuggy Winton - Shipper Order Screen

All Your Orders. One Screen.

Stop using spreadsheets. With RunBuggy you’ve got a one-stop shop where you can manage all of your transportation orders from a single screen. Think of it as your Transportation Command Center.

API for car transportation

RunBuggy offers developer resources to integrate our APIs into your existing management systems, allowing you to provide a seamless car transportation solution.

See More. Know More. Do More.

With RunBuggy you’re always in the know. Gain unprecedented visibility into your car transportation operations with our enhanced, enterprise-grade analytics and reporting capabilities so you can reduce transportation cost and delivery times while providing your customers with a better overall car buying experience.

RunBuggy Winton Order Management
RunBuggy - Move More Cars

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