RunBuggy vs. Load Boards

It’s Expensive

You have to pay over $100 per month, just to get access to most load board’s low paying loads.

It’s Hard to Use

They don’t make it easy for you to find and claim loads. Plus, you have to wait for the shipper to assign a car to you.

Lots of Low Paying Loads

Most of the loads on load boards like Central Dispatch are dirt cheap loads. To get the good paying loads – you need to pay more – nice.

Ugh. Brokers.

And you know they aren’t looking to give you any more money. You’ll be lucky if you make enough to cover your gas.

You’ll Get No Support

Ever try calling someone from a load board company for help when you are on the road? Good luck.

Chasing Checks Sucks

And after you’ve finally dropped off the car, now you need to deal with getting paid – not fun.

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    Why You Need to Move Cars with RunBuggy RunBuggy Load Boards
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